The local elections are on 14 May. It is about our city.

Flensburg is facing a challenging future, because we are also experiencing the multiple crises at first hand. The energy crisis is also affecting the people of Flensburg, refugees from the Ukraine war are seeking shelter and a home in our city, and climate change is affecting our fjord and our nature. Local politics is more crucial than ever before. We Greens want to shape it with progressive and future-proof policies.

So the local elections are about something: in addition to the pressing challenges of our time, we want to involve all our citizens in an inclusive and low-threshold way, make the city barrier-free and accessible for everyone, and create an economy based on sustainability and innovation. A city that consistently thinks multinationally and European in the borderland and sees diversity as its real strength.

Our goal is a climate-friendly Flensburg for all people. Let us shape this city. Together.

How to vote?

You can vote at the polling station on 14 May.
Or you can vote by post or at the town hall from 3 April. You need an ID document.

10 points that are important to us.

  1. clean energy and climate protection – fossil-free public utilities by 2035 and much more solar energy.
  2. affordable housing – housing and fair rents for everyone
  3. a diverse Flensburg – our city welcomes everyone
  4. Flensburg for people and nature – for a green city on a healthy fjord
  5. attractive and fair mobility – reorganising traffic space in favour of pedestrian and bicycle traffic
  6. a sustainable economy – promoting innovative and public-spirited enterpreneurship
  7. culture is relevant to the system – promote a wide range of cultural activities
  8. Stable health care for all – Maintaining possibilities for births and abortions in Flensburg
  9. making Flensburg a feel-good place – creating a barrier-free, diverse and liveable city
  10. good education from the beginning – well-equipped day-care centres and schools as well as a campus with a future.